About me


My name is Luis Ponce, also known as Preshu. I'm a Gamer, Indie game developer and Musician.

From Talagante, Chile. I've been working in software development since 2016. In love with videogames, I decided to start developing my own games back in 2017. Also I've been making music since 2010

Name: Luis Ponce (Preshu)


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If you need help in some project I can offer you these services

Full Stack Development

Experienced in financial market, I can develop solutions for your bussines from the face to the brain.

Game Development

Do you want to make a game?, I can help you!. With XP in Unity Engine, we can make a great game together.

Music Production

If you have a musical idea, don't worry about how to record or produce your project, let me help you with that.